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“What makes you get up in the morning?”

(Besides perhaps coffee…)

Samen met Eva - that translates ‘Together with Eva’ in Dutch - wakes up to:

chair events, coach & train entrepreneurs, professionals and students.

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Together with Eva you gain Fresh Perspective.

As an Ondernemer, Professional and Organisatie.

We spark the Fire. And intensify the flame.

We create Movement, built from Trust.

Time to clarify.


Entrepreneur & Eva

Are you an entrepreneur? When you are celebrating success, are you high-fiving yourself, but is it difficult to really feel satisfied? Could you use some extra clarity and sharpness? Are you ready for some change? Let’s go!

You & Eva

Do you sometimes hear yourself say: “How I am doing? Well, I’m fine… but…” Do you feel that you have the potential to reach more, but that you are not fully ‘activated’ or enjoying things yet? Perhaps it’s time to spark that fire!

Organisation & Eva

Are you working at an organisation and are you looking for training or coaching for a team? Are you organising a teamday or an event? Are you looking forward to reactivate the workfloor? Great! Let’s explore!

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“Together with Eva in an hour and a half I was able to get a an oppressed issue out of the way to make it a clear and concrete question for myself. Eva: vigorous, intuitive, balanced and grounded.”
— Amar Thomas (31, Entrepreneur)
“Eva has a fun and fine way of working. She radiates positive energy and starts with enthusiasm, which makes the session really great and leaves us with a lot of fruitful results and a nice way of cooperating!”
— Kim Otten (Board of 'De Warren', First self-building-cooperative in the Netherlands)
“Eva is a great person to work with. As enthusiastic, warm and sincere how she works alone has been a great inspiration for me. A great person to work with. Eva has been able to get out the best in me and has shown me what my passion in life is and what I will work towards in the future.”
— Janneke Koelemaij (30, Marketing & Sales, G-Star)
“Eva réally thinks along with you. She chooses the right words for this where no judgement at all is included in. If she thinks it is necessary she will hand you a clear advice without obligations. This shows her personal commitment. To me it helps that I find Eva an inspiring person. You automatically get curious to how Eva got to the point where she is now and you want to learn from that!”
— Franka Dammerman (27, Project lead 'Interaction Education and Labour Market', City counsil of Amstelveen)
“Eva is a warm and open person. With this attitude she immediately comforts me. Her positive way of looking at thinks also plays an important role. Through Eva’s sparkling questions I got to know myself better. Not only during our sessions, but also afterwards. A session with Eva means guaranteed ‘Food for Thought’. I have learned how to let go of thoughts that are limiting me, how to get closer to my feelings, and how to make more room for this. Really recommendable!”
— Charlotte Loven (26, Policy maker, Dutch National Government)
“Eva is a coach that I would recommend to everybody! She perfectly and quickly knows how to get to the core by asking the right questions. This quickly leads you to new insights. This she does in a very professional and personal way, with integrity. Next to that, Eva is very enthusiastic, open, positive and helpful as a person. You immediately feel at ease with her.”
— Irene Hogema (25, Marketing, Marqt)
“Impressive how Eva has gotten to the core of what is happening within an hour. There are certainly a couple of friends of mine who could use this as well!”
— Jetske Jonker (28, Customer Service Manager, Tata Steel)
“Eva is a warm and open person. She helps you to listen to your voice that can be overshadowed by what the outside world is expecting of you. This helped me enormously to look at the future in a different way, with what makes ME happy. A visit to Eva brings you closer to yourself in order to find out what really makes you tick!”
— Maria Follender Grossfeld (33, Freelance Marketing & Communicatie advisor)
“What would YOU do in your situation, and what are you not able to see yet. Eva is not asking leading questions and isn’t projecting. Instead of looking from her own perspective, she looks from your perspective, but even more broad and open.”
— Juliette Bonsen (27, Management Trainee, Young Colfield)
“Eva is open, interested and has a positive way of working. At crucial moments she was able to mirror me without hesitation. Next to that Eva hasn’t answered a single question, she completely let me do this myself.”
— Max (29, Consultant)

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